Reelcraft Series S Reel SHA3850

Item # SHA3850 OLP, Hot Water Wash Reel

Hot Water Wash Reel

Reelcraft's Series S reels are manufactured specifically for the garden industry, making them ideal for commercial plant centers, greenhouses, or nurseries. This series of reels were designed to meet the demands typical of an industrial grade reel while providing a lightweight and tough product with trouble-free operation. Series S Garden Reels offer longer lengths, a larger I.D. hose, are spring driven, and come equipped with garden hose end fittings. Most featured models* include hose, bumper and inlet hose, providing a reel solution out of the box.

Reelcraft Series S SGA3650 OLP Hose Reel
Featured Model SGA3650 OLP  

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Series S
Weight 22 lbs
10 kg
Pressure 232 psi
16 bar
I.D. 1/2 in
13 mm
O.D. 0.781 in
20 mm
Outlet (M) NPTF 1/2 in
Inlet (F) NPTF 1/2 in
Hose Length 50 ft
Hose Included Yes
Max. Temperature 150 °F
65 °C
A 19 1/4 in
490 mm
B 22 3/4 in
580 mm
C 9 1/2 in
240 mm
D 19 in
483 mm
E 9 1/2 in
245 mm


Virtually maintenance-free

Lightweight and portable

Tough U. V. stabilized outer case

Spring tension easily adjusted

Corrosion proof

Pivoting wall bracket included

Resistant to most acids and alkalis

Unique ratchet style tensioning system

Innovative swivel mounting system

Replaceable protective mouth guard

Larger side plates for easier access for swivel maintenance

Hose ends crimped on with brass ferrules

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Product to be handled (such as Air, Oil, Water, etc.)
Maximum operating pressure in PSI
Maximum operating temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
Hose inside and outside diameters and length
Installation height (especially if more than 16 feet)
Desired guide arm position by adding one of the suffixes to the model number (example: 5635 OLP SW for side wind)

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Series 80000
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Series 30000
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Sewer / Well Cleaning Applications

Series 30000
Reelcraft's Series 30000 hose reels are ideal for sewer and well cleaning applications. The hose reel allows an operator to excavate an access opening to an in ground utility without doing physical damage to buried utilities.